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There are many reasons why people choose one city over another and these aspects vary from one person to another. Some prefer quiet and quaint neighborhoods, far from the crowds and the traffic you find in big metropolitan cities. Others might choose a place of entertainment where there are endless means of having fun. Maybe it is the economic prosperity of one place that brings about plenty of job opportunities and an overall good annual income.

A lot of people, especially high-school graduates, are motivated to move to bigger cities for better education opportunities. However, imagine having all the above advantages along with one of the best education you can possibly find in the US. Luckily for you, this place actually exists and it is the capital city of North Carolina. For a long time now the city of Raleigh NC has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

Aside from being a gorgeous city with a beautiful culture, rich history, impressive music, and art scene, it is also one of the best places to get an education. Many rankings say that Raleigh NC is one of the best places to live and place it amongst the top cities for quality of life. However, we are here to talk about the schooling system in Raleigh North Carolina, so here are some of the reasons why the city has such a top-rated education, and here are some of the best schools in the area.

The development of Raleigh’s schooling system

Was Raleigh North Carolina always a renowned city for top-notch education, and schools? Certainly not! It actually took a lot of work and time for the cities to become notorious for its schooling system. The history of the city’s public education very much reflects the way the state of North Carolina developed from a primarily rural beginning to what we see today. As you probably know North Carolina was the national leader when it comes to technology, industry, and agriculture in the early 2000s.

One of the turning points for the city's public school system took place in the early nineteenth century, during the Reconstruction eras and Civil War. During this time, funds were allocated in order to provide a fully extended public education to African American children. The civil rights movements in the 50s and 60s brought about numerous educational reforms and programs which represented the basis for the modern public school system in North Carolina.

Nowadays, as a leader in higher education, North Carolina holds more than 16-campuses for the University of North Carolina System and more than 58-campuses having a community college system. As far as the city of Raleigh NC is concerned, according to Time Magazine in 2011, the city ranked as the third most educated city in the US. This might also be thanks to the fact that there are quite a few universities in and around Raleigh North Carolina and because of the Research Triangle Park.

The Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the US and it was named so because of its location between the three surrounding cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It is one of the most prominent high-tech research and development parks in the US. Raleigh NC is also home to the Wake County public school system district that housed around 160,000 students enrolled in 187 schools during the 2018-2019 school year.

Best public schools in Raleigh NC

Now that you have an idea of what the schooling system looks like in Raleigh North Carolina, it is time to look at some of the top-rated public schools in Raleigh’s school district. There are about 30 public elementary schools, 16 public middle schools, and 10 public high schools in Raleigh NC. The rankings take into consideration people’s reviews, the learning environments, the quality of education, and the results held by these schools throughout the course of years.

Elementary and middle schools in Raleigh NC

Quest Academy - is considered to be one of the best elementary/middle schools in Raleigh NC. With a student to teacher ratio of 14 to 1 and according to state test scores, 92% of students are at least proficient in reading and 95% in math. The school is A+ rated and it definitely is one of the best schools in Raleigh North Carolina.

Magellan School - Although not operating for students in grades k-2, the school has about 400 students in grades 3-8 and it is another highly-rated school in Raleigh NC. With a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1, state tests suggest that 93% of students are at least proficient in math and 88% in reading. 

The Exploris School - Serving about 450 students from grades K to 8, this elementary/middle school is another one of the top-ranked schools in Raleigh NC. The student to teacher ratio of 13 to 1 and students have a math proficiency of about 74% and a 76% proficiency in reading.

High schools in Raleigh NC

Raleigh Charter High School - One of the top-rated high schools in Raleigh North Carolina, is Raleigh Charter High School. Covering grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1, students are 95% proficient in reading and the average graduation rate is close to 95%. It is also one of the most competitive schools around, and some might argue that the expectations are quite high. On the other hand, from an academic standpoint, it certainly is one of the best high schools in the area.

Wake Early College of Health and Science - Serving students from grades 9-12, this school has above average scores and it is considered to be one of the best schools in Raleigh NC. With a graduation rate of about 95% and with more than 74% of graduates pursuing college or vocational programs, this high school is definitely worth considering if you want a good education.

Wake STEM Early College High School - This high school is well known for its high graduation rate and good learning opportunities. Test scores suggest that students have a 95% proficiency in math and biology and about 65% pursue college or vocational programs after graduation. This along with the other two high schools are considered some of the best in Raleigh NC.

Higher education in the greater Raleigh/Wake County area

The Research Triangle boosts about 18 colleges, universities, and community colleges, and that is another reason why the Wake County Public School System earned its high marks across the board for having some of the best school districts in the state and in the nation. If you are in the area of Greater Raleigh/Wake County seeking higher education, here are some of the most renowned institutions you might want to consider:

  • Meredith College

  • Campbell Law School

  • William Peace University

  • St. Augustine’s College

  • Shaw University

  • Wake Technical Community College

  • North Carolina State University


The city of Raleigh, North Carolina is a gorgeous place where you can certainly feel like home because the area boasts a lot of attractions, amenities and it offers a great quality of life. Not to mention the fact that Raleigh NC is well known for having one of the best educational systems in the state and in the country. Relocating in Raleigh NC in order to pursue a successful career and receive a great education is something you shouldn’t think twice about. Contact one of the best realtors in Raleigh North Carolina and they will help you settle in no time.

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