05 May

When you start looking for a place to retire many things might crowd your mind like, “Where should I go?”, “Will this or that place fit my lifestyle?”, “Will this or that place be close enough to my nephew?”, “What about healthcare?” Well, that’s why we’re here. To try to answer all those questions as well as any other questions you might have. 

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State has many cities focused on retirees and plenty of retiring communities available. Their entire marketing campaign is somewhat directed towards retirees and, as a result, the retiree community is growing throughout the state. Walk-in bathtubs or at-home assistance commercials are everywhere and it’s not like the only people that move here are retirees.

Many cities, however, are, as the Sunshine State states … well … sunny throughout the year. Amongst those cities is also the city of Cape Coral, FL with over 189,000 residents enjoying the same miles upon miles of water access. As one of the best places to retire in America, Cape Coral has many benefits for active retirees and many unique qualities.

Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral

As one of the best places to retire in America, Cape Coral has many things to offer for those planning for an early retirement. If you’re looking for an easy-paced but active way of life this might be just the place for you. There aren’t many things that would make you shift gears and move in the fast lane in this city. Life can be a simple, easy-going thing in The Waterfront Wonderland.


Of course, the first thing everyone looks at is the cost of living. Well, this is a major plus for Cape Coral as life is less expensive here. Life is simpler when you have fewer reasons to worry in regards to your financial situation and in this waterfront wonderland, you can do just that. Housing prices are at a medium of $237,000 and you can even find waterfront property with an added pool at prices around $219,000. So housing affordability is not something that you’ll have to worry about. If you’re already convinced you can get in touch with real estate agents in Cape Coral FL for more information and get the papers ready. The cost of living is 4% lower than the national average so you can spend that extra money on a boat in order to fully enjoy the beauty of Cape Coral as you start navigating the canals.

The Canals

The … oh, so many canals. There are more than 400 miles of canals in Cape Coral available for navigation that connect most waterfront neighborhoods to each other either through connections by the Caloosahatchee River or by the Gulf of Mexico. Many residents use a boat to get around in the city as, during the season, it might be best to avoid the traffic and also, be more relaxing as well. You can also join the Cape Coral Yacht Club, a popular wedding venue or any other special events. If you’re not a big fan of boats you can still enjoy fishing, kayaking and swimming. There are many areas where you can enjoy wildlife throughout this watery landscape.

The Weather

In Florida, you can hardly go wrong when it comes to the weather. Cape Coral is the same and the result is that many people purchase homes here while essentially they are only occasional residents. Snowbirds are a very common element in Cape Coral because as soon as the winter months approach, Northerners are coming for the warm climate. Many people purchase property in the city as rental properties can bring back profits for long term investments. With around 355 sunny days and an average temperature of 84 degrees, Cape Coral has a warm and mild climate that keeps even the winter months mild and dry. There is no need to shovel snow once you move here and whatever temperature regulators you are used to will only be set on cooling the air inside.

Activities available

Whether you decide to move to a retirement community or not, in Cape Coral, FL you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in order to occupy your time with. If you are a golfer you’ll be pleased to find out that there are 7 courses available in and around the city with amazing views of the bay. To make things even better, most of them are open to the public. Of course, if you’re really interested, you can become a member of the Golf Clubs available. 

For culture buffs, there are many options available one of which being the Cultural Park. Yes, the name could use some artistic makeover but here you can find the Cape Coral Historical Society Museum if you’re interested to find out the story behind this master-planned community that was turned into a city. Another option within the Cultural Park is the Cape Coral Art League that offers 8 exhibits and amongst them is the Cape Coral Art Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Florida. There is also the Cultural Park Theatre here from September through May.

There’s one last thing that I almost forgot to mention, if you can believe that.

The amazing beaches in Cape Coral

 How could we discuss retirement waterfront wonderland without mentioning the beaches? Well … we can’t because it’s simply impossible. You can just paddle across the canals to the one beach that actually belongs to Cape Coral, which is amazing to say the least. Or, you can go a bit further away to Sanibel Island or Fort Myers Beach and enjoy a different landscape from time to time. There are bridges that lead you in both directions available and it’s only a 30 minute drive approximately.

Everything Special about Cape Coral

We’ll just point out some things that you should know about Cape Coral, FL before you decide to commit your golden years to this community.

  1. There are no corals here, despite what the name may suggest;

  2. There are also no capes or cloaks around, but you can check;

  3. The weather makes it perfect for winter vacations;

  4. Cape Coral started as land bought by the Rosen brothers where they built a master-planned community;

  5. It’s a little over 60 years old;

  6. It has more canals than Venice;

  7. There are barely any side-walks;

  8. While there are many retirees here, the median age is 42;

  9. It's a great place for bird watchers with amazing wildlife across the canals and reservations;

  10. You might encounter alligators around, so do be careful;

  11. A lower crime rate than the national average;

  12. Between July 2013 and July 2014, it was the sixth fastest growing metro area in the U.S.


Looking back on what you did throughout your life, a place where you can just relax and enjoy yourself seems like a dream. Well, that is exactly what the Rosen brothers had in mind when they planned the city. A place where people could just take it easy and enjoy the simple joys that life can offer.

Of course, there are many other options to work through when it comes to retirement living in Florida, but this is just one of them. Let us know what you think in the comments section as we’re curious if there are any other cities or communities regarding where to retire that spark your interest. Like & Share so that we can spread the word about Cape Coral, FL.

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